We make your book bleed to help you succeed.



At Joy Editing, our goal is to help independent authors publish the best novels they can. Our specialties are romance and erotica, but we can (and have done) work on everything from horror to historical fiction.


Here at Joy Editing, we’re looking toward 2020 and making plans for how to improve the way the business runs. While we’re always interested in smoothing out the process, figuring out how to be better for you, the new year is a good time to change things up. To that end, we’ve spent some time updating our Terms of Service. If you'd like to see a copy, please email Devon at admin@joyediting.com.

We're also raising our rates in 2020. If you have already booked in 2020, we will continue honoring our 2019 rates until the end of March. That will only apply to edits that have already been booked.


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