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November Newsletter - Vol. 52

“There is no such thing as a failed experiment,

only experiments with unexpected outcomes.”

- R. Buckminster Fuller

Pushing Boundaries

Welcome back! We missed you all in October and hope you had a fantastic spooky season! Many of our authors find that they stick to the same genre, the same tropes, time and again. There’s comfort in knowing that you have a winning formula, especially when you consider the cost of self-publication. Authors build their brands around their names, and readers expect a certain kind of story from every author they enjoy. So, what happens when an author finds a completely new kind of story beating down the doors in their minds?

Some authors choose to counter expectations by writing under multiple names. Others take the risk of writing new stories under the same name and warn readers to expect something different. Both strategies have pros and cons. Other authors choose to write their unexpected stories but keep them private. Either because they feel the story isn’t good enough, or won’t sell, or perhaps it’s just too personal to release to public eyes. There’s no one way to step outside of your comfort zone.

As we approach the end of the year, how can you step outside of your writing comfort zone? Are the threads of a sci-fi story tickling your romance-author mind? Maybe you’re itching to do something in a completely new field, like poetry or children’s books. Or even a completely new medium, like video or painting. What story do you have that needs to be told in a way that requires you to experiment? How can you give it a shot?

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