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April Newsletter - Vol. 46

"Spring: a lovely reminder of how beautiful change can truly be.” - Unknown

Big Announcement #1: The Incomparable Cassie

As we launch into a new season that feels remarkably like the past four or five, we find ourselves ready to make a few changes here at Joy Editing. After ten years of editing, Cassie’s schedule is filling up so fast that she can’t keep up with the demand for her work. We asked her to dump her Gentleman Friend and become an editing hermit so we could overbook her, but for some reason, she said no. (Kids these days, amirite?) What that means, though, is that after a lot of discussions about pros and cons, we’ve decided to close Cassie’s schedule to new clients. If you’ve already been working with Cassie, not to worry! You can absolutely still book with her moving forward. We’re making this decision to ensure that our established clients will have the chance to keep working with Cassie, and hopefully they’ll be able to get the dates they need rather than having to wait an extra month for her to be available.

New clients, we have two fantastic line and content editors ready to work with you. Joy and Kate have been with our team for a while, and they’re eager to get their metaphorical red pens on your manuscripts.

As with all things in life, though, schedules can always change, so be sure to keep an eye on our Facebook page for flash sales and surprise openings.

Big Announcement #2: Our Proofreading Team

Our next big change is actually an announcement! Devon, our amazing manager, is going back to school! This time, she’s traveling to the UK to get her master's in Shakespeare, and we’re all ridiculously jealous and happy for her. She’s going to continue handling our office and schedule, but it’s time for her to set aside her proofreading hat so she can focus on her studies. While her schedule has been closed to new clients for some time, we know that this will mean big things for her existing clients. Not to worry if you’re on her schedule already, though. She will be sure to polish up your manuscript before she leaves the country in August!

While we have a team of proofreaders on board already, losing Devon means we need to find someone new. So, this is our official call for applications! If you or someone you know is interested in proofreading, please reach out to to find out how to apply. We hope you have a wonderful beginning of spring! Get out there and (safely) enjoy that warm weather and sunshine. We'll see you all again in May!

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