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February Newsletter - Vol. 55

“Life is a game, and true love is a trophy.”

- Rufus Wainwright

Spreading Some Love

As romance editors, Valentine’s month has to be one of our favorites. We spend all year reading about perfect fantasy couples who risk it all for love, so watching real-life couples and polycules sharing real-life love makes our hearts burst with happiness.

Since we usually spend our time reading your love stories, we thought this month, we’d share some of ours.

"Every night before bed, my partner sits with me and reads aloud to me for a few minutes. It's an opportunity for us to talk, to share a story together, and make sure that the last minutes before bed reinforce our bond. It's the best part of every day.”

“He goes to Trader Joe’s almost every Sunday morning, and he always brings me something interesting. Usually flowers, an unusually flavored snack, etc. It makes me feel good that he was thinking of me.”

“If I’m sick or injured or just not feeling well, he takes care of me. He puts Band-Aids on my cat scratches, keeps track of my fevers, and insists I rest when I have cramps.”

“When we have been apart for a bit (which is days for us, and it’s sappy and ridiculous that we miss each other so much) we go to dinner and have drinks. Come back to one of our houses and get in our PJs. He turns on music, and we dance alone in the kitchen for hours. The way he looks at me while we dance fuels my life. He also sings to me, so it’s pretty stinking intoxicating.”

"This is my first single Valentine's in a number of years, but I'm still constantly in awe of the love I'm surrounded by. The past year has been one of tremendous personal growth for me, and my friends, family, and former partner have been incredibly supportive through it all. It can be easy sometimes to forget how important those other types of love can be."

We hope you and your loved ones have a wonderful February and get a chance to celebrate all the little ways love affects your lives. See you all in March!

- The Joy Editing Team

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