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May Newsletter - Vol. 47

Cassie Has an Opening!

This month, Devon is traveling across the country to move to the DC area, so we're giving her a break by making this month's newsletter short and sweet. We know we just told you all that Cassie is not accepting new clients, and that still stands, but she has some unexpected time on her hands these next couple of weeks, so if your book is ready to go by May 20th at the latest, this is your chance to get on her schedule! Rush booking fees will be waived for this flash opening, so if you're interested, email us at!

New Releases

Let's give a round of applause for our authors who have releases this month!

A.R. Hadley, Moonlight Drive

Piper Lawson, Beautiful Enemy

J.B. Salsbury, Wild North

Check back next month for our regularly scheduled newsletter. Until then, enjoy the sunshine and warm weather!

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