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November Newsletter - Vol. 41

“Find out where the joy resides, and give it a voice far beyond singing.

For to miss the joy is to miss all.”

- Robert Louis Stevenson

"Spread Some Joy" Giveaway Winners

If you've been following us on social media at all, you know our “Spread Some Joy” contest ended on Halloween, and we hope you had as much fun interacting with us as we had interacting with you! Rene Webb won our big writer’s basket, and we can’t wait to see the stories she crafts with it. Congratulations, Rene! Additionally, we received so many donations for our baskets (and also went a little Amazon crazy) that we had to divide our readers’ goodies up into four baskets, so congrats to those four lucky winners as well!

Our reader basket winners are:

Mel Howe

Sara Miller

Brae Smith

Jean Siska

We also want to send a big thank-you to the wonderful vendors who donated to our writer’s basket:

Streetlight Graphics (formatting and cover art)

Made by Angie Wade (book swag)

Eden Bradley (writing development course)

And of course, a huge thanks to our authors who made our readers’ baskets possible!

Shauna Granger

Nicky F. Grant

Piper Lawson

Erin Raegan

Piper Rayne

CD Reiss

Nicole Williams

Tao Wong

And one last thanks goes out to everyone who played along with us on Facebook and Instagram and helped us raise some money for a good cause.

This year has been trying for almost everyone, and we're so grateful we got to bring a little joy and sunshine to people's lives, and we hope to be able to do more events like this in the future.

Until December, take care of yourselves and each other. Stay warm and stay healthy!

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